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Wind Mills

Piezoelectric Energy Accumulator (PEA) Technology


Zero-maintenance, low-cost, self-powered sensors embedded inside “smart structures” that can self-prognosticate damage and mechanical failure.  Operational life of sensors comparable to the useful life of the structure 

Low Cost & Zero Maintenance

StructuRUL's smart sensors are designed to be Low Cost with Zero Maintenance, a key advantage compared to wired solutions for strain gage and vibration sensors



StructuRUL's smart sensors incorporate novel Piezoelectric Energy Accumulator (PEA) technology enabling a self-powered approach harvesting energy from the structure itself.  This automatically reduces O&M costs related to sensor powering and improves overall system reliability

Embedded AI with On-Board data storage

Each Smart Sensor employs AI-based Floating Gate technology that automatically classifies incoming field signals according to changes in structural behavior.  The categorized damage progression metrics are stored in permanent memory on-board each sensor.  Predictive RUL metrics are readily available after a machine  learning period.  Collecting and post-processing terabytes of field data are now a thing of the past

Sentinel SHM - Proven Technology

The StructuRUL technology has been repeatedly proven in the field on critical infrastructure projects, such as bridges and roads - Infratico's focus.  Commercial applications using this novel technology include a massive suspension bridge, monitored since 2017. 


StructuRUL was originally formed to address the challenges of monitoring structural integrity of offshore wind components.  Contact us today to learn more.  We look forward to hearing from you.  


3000 insTalled sensors


NREL Blade Fatigue Study

The StructuRUL Sentinel-SHM technology was successfully demonstrated on a wind turbine blade in a controlled experimental investigation, further developing confidence in our solution for effective  monitoring of offshore wind turbine components.  

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