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The future of
Structural Health Monitoring 
is here!

StructuRUL's Sentinel-SHM smart sensors are self-powered, wireless, low-cost, and zero-maintenance, with embedded AI

and permanent data storage

Sentinel-SHM monitoring services provide cutting-edge RUL predictions of fielded assets and infrastructure

StructuRUL is Changing the Way the World Thinks About Structural Health Monitoring

StructuRUL offers Sentinel-SHM, a low-cost, zero-maintenance, self-powered, wireless sensor solution for structural health monitoring of critical infrastructure.  No more spending valuable resources on troubleshooting faulty sensor cables, ensuring sensor power supply functionality, collecting terabytes of field data, or relying on inefficient visual inspections. Sentinel-SHM was created by StructuRUL to give you peace of mind, so you know more about the health of your structures and worry less about sensor maintenance.  

Wind Turbines



The Sentinel-SHM novel strain-based sensor outputs are monitored by advanced damage progression algorithms that use artificial intelligence (AI) and onboard permanent data storage to ensure the integrity of your critical infrastructure.  Sensor field data is automatically collected and transmitted to the cloud server using reliable local wireless transmission and WiFi technology.  This unique combination of novel sensor technology and advanced damage progression algorithms provides an affordable, yet highly sophisticated, SHM solution so you know more and worry less.  

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Offshore Wind

Off-shore wind farms are becoming increasingly popular due to the reliability of highly engineered drivetrains and improved ROI driven by an increased ability to effectively harness the power of wind. However, the increased size of the blades and the associated towers introduce risk, since a maintenance track record for these new designs is still developing. In addition, a variety of offshore foundation designs are being utilized, including the emergence of floating structures as viable solutions, and these are subject to certain levels of risk. Additionally, offshore maintenance is much more expensive compared to onshore assets - prioritizing the right maintenance actions at the right time is critical to financial success.



Aerospace structures, such as helicopter frames, are subjected to very stringent inspection and monitoring protocols.  Existing HUMS systems, which can be bulky and expensive, can have reliability issues associated with sensor power units and cabling.  Sentinel-SHM introduces a means to improve structural health monitoring relative to strain gauges with better reliability and decreased weight. 

Container Cranes

Ship-to-shore cranes are critical for productivity at seaports.  However, the harsh environment and functional operation make traditional Condition Monitoring System (CMS) sensors challenging to install and maintain.  Current inspection protocols and unknown fatigue factors introduce risk, resulting in reduced reliability and lower crane availability. 


Sentinel-SHM offers: 

  • Increased safety

  • Increased reliability and availability of cranes

  • Low up-front installation cost and minimal maintenance cost of sensors

Beautiful Landscape


A different approach for critical infrastructure management, using a newly developed novel method for Structural Health Monitoring.

As our nation's bridges and roads continue to crumble, Sentinel-SHM is a low-cost, zero-maintenance solution for prioritizing critical repair activities for improved public safety.


Commercial Roll-out





Founding Companies

StructuRUL LLC was formed by principals from both Infratico and Perigree Technology Partners.  Key IP was invented by the founders of Infratico.  



Perigee Technology Partners

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